As a certified Female Business Enterprise (FBE) ITsHRc, LLC specializes in staffing and Human Resources consulting. As business professionals, we partner with commercial and government clients to provide custom tailored staffing or HR consulting solutions to meet your business needs.
Expansion in our organization’s Technology Division required us, in early 2011, to find a new Director of IT. Erin was recommended to me from our Director of Corporate Development to utilize in our search as we rarely have the need to hire new people in leadership roles. The need to focus on and continue to achieve growth in technology development is one of the most important challenges in our real estate business. Through Erin’s efforts and search we found the ideal candidate and could not be happier with the outcome some 18 months later.

While our focus is on providing outstanding services to our clients, we were also aware that we needed to develop our Human Resources infrastructure of policies and an employee handbook. We turned to Erin Henry, ITsHRc for her expert assistance. Erin agreed to assist and quickly acquainted herself with Tridec’s culture and was immediately in a position to leverage her experience to our benefit.

Erin’s HR Assessment identified insights into our deficiencies. She led us through a process to prioritize our improvement needs and develop an implementation plan. She continues to monitor our efforts and encourage our commitment to our Human Resources progress. Erin’s commitment to Tridec and her passion for serving our needs provided us with a viable Human Resources Handbook and policies. Tridec now has a posture and approach to better support and manage our human resources.


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